Sheebah Vs Rema Concert Dress Code, Fans Attack Sheebah Over Nudity

Sheebah Kalungi aka Queen Sheebah’s dress code at her Omwoyo concert has attracted more attacks. Some are advising her to copy Rema Namakula.

Sheebah whose dress code has been close to nudity is not changing any soon. Is Rema Namakula any better?

Her fans posted,  

Lawrence Born Black , But this kind of show, full of nudity nedda banange!!! Whoever designs you atulekemu. Nze i like your ziki naye da dresscode nedda.. Dignity loss kilinga kimansulo.

All along this is omwoyo that my friend

Candour Sneerwell If at all you’ve ever complained about the atheletes bugoye then start complaining abt the dress code, the dress code means nothing, all that matters z sense😏 U nailed it queen

Sophia Tebiba Bingi Nassozi You gave me a wonderful performance queen karma and the way you managed your time oooh God hahahaha had my sleep the usual time

A SPECIAL MESSAGE SWAGGA MAMA: Dear Sheebah Kalungi aka Queen Sheebah. We love you so much and we love your music as well…just know you got talent and you’re too creative. But your dress code is letting people to disrespect you, and it shows a bad picture to the young generation who wanna become Sheebah in future. You’re a role model to many, but please try to change a little bit on your dress code. Try to be a little bit descent, won’t change you from being swagga Mama. Thank You

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