Baguma Isoke Summoned By Police Over Alleged Mulago Land Fraud, 3 Times Appeared Before Land Probe Commission

Uganda Police is investigating a case of forging a government letter that led to a loss of $100,000 dollars part payment of $1,000,000 from a Chinese investor Yu Shung over Mulago land.

Baguma Isoke, the Chairperson of the Uganda Land Commission and a former Minister is needed by police this week to explain himself over allegations of forgery that almost cost government Mulago land.

Around June or July, 29th 2018, Baguma Isoke wrote a letter to the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health seeking a no objection to offer land belonging to Mulago hospital to a Chinese investor.

Sources say Diana Atwiine refused and moved on to handle pressing needs of Ministry of health.

Kinobe Mutyaba and company advocates wrote to the Ministry of Health over  a property they were giving to a Chinese investor after a few months.

Sources say Doctor Diana Atwiine decided to take action against Uganda Land Commission. Uganda Police and ISO operatives swung in action arresting 3 people who are believed to have engineered the fraud.

When Redpepper visited Wandegeya Police, they discovered this case was opened on CRB/464/2018, Julius Tumwesigye Ceaser , Abdallah Naleka and Peter Katongole were arrested and released on bond.

Police and ISO want Baguma Isoke to explain circumstances involving his meeting with the Chinese Investor and later writing a letter to the Ministry of Health.

” Who forged Dr Diana’s letter that was attached to Baguma Isoke’s letter offering Mulago land”.

Baguma Isoke has appeared 3 times before the Land Probe Commission over failure to protect government land and mismanagement of shs 160 billions land fund.

Isoke admitted that Uganda Land Commission gave away Government land that it holds in public trust in a wrong way.

Baguma assured the Land Probe Commission chaired by Justice Catherine Bamugemereire that most of the land belonging to schools, ministries and institutions was given away to companies and individuals without following due processes by his predecessors between 2010 and 2012.

However, Baguma Isoke learnt nothing and forgot nothing, his name and signature have surfaced in a similar scandal.

Commissioner George Bagonza,asked  Baguma Isoke whether Uganda Land Commission had not been able to deliver according to its mandate.

Isoke said “In the condition we are now in, we are not helpful. We need a lot of assistance, our faults have been brought to the fore. They are glaring, we are wanting in inspection. We are not delivering,”.

The ULC chairperson had been summoned by the commission to answer allegations of fraudulent giveaway of Nakasero Primary School and Kololo Senior Secondary School land.

Commissioner Mary Ochan Oduka wondered whether ULC can still be trusted to hold public land in trust. Less than a year, her prediction has come to pass over the man who claimed innocence.

“As Ugandans, do we feel secure that we have an entity called ULC that is actually looking after our interests, if children continue to lose land under the jurisdiction of ULC,” Oduka said.

Commission team

Justice Bamugemereire is the commission chairperson. The commissioners are Fredrick Ruhindi, Mary Oduka Ochan Robert Ssebunya, Joyce Gunze Habaasa,Dr Rose Nakayi, and George Bagonza Tinkamanyire.

Ebert Byenkya is lead counsel, John Bosco Suuza is Deputy lead counsel.

The commission’s mandate is to probe efficiency of the laws, policies and processes of land registration, acquisition, administration and management.

It is also tasked with inquiring the effectiveness of the Uganda Land Commission (ULC) in administering public land and relevant bodies in the reservation of wetlands, forests, road reserves, and national parks, among other gazette spaces

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