Kitamu Cooking Oil to Boost Edible Oil Deficit in Uganda

Kitamu Cooking Oil production is helping to reduce Uganda”s deficit of the edible oil annually.

Uganda”s demand for vegetable oil is high but the production is not meeting market demands.

Annet Nyengamahe of Aponye Uganda Limited says the production of Kitamu cooking oil will increase the competition in the market which reduces prices.

Kitamu Cooking OilKitamu is the most affordable, delicious cooking oil that is refined with health eating habits in mind. Kitamu is suitable for cooking, baking and deep frying.

Recently, the State Minister for Trade, Michael Werikhe Kafabusa, said Uganda has a deficit of over 80,000 metric tonnes of edible oil annually.

“Recent data indicates that Uganda’s edible oil demand stands at 120,000 metric tonnes against a production capacity of 40,000 metric tonnes, leaving a deficit of 80,000 annually,” said Kafabusa.

He explained that the slow growth in production is hinged on different factors such as poor seed quality, lack of sufficient and available raw material, high operational costs and uncontrolled markets.

“Out of the total production, only 75% (30,000 metric tonnes) is consumed locally, while the 25% (10,000 metric tonnes) is exported to neighbouring countries, including Rwanda, Burundi South Sudan and Tanzania,” Kafabusa said, adding that the Government has created a number of institutions to boost the production of raw materials.

He said if supporting regions that produce oil-rich crops consistently for the next three to five years Uganda will have enough cooking oil, and thus save the dollars we have been using to import this oil from other countries,” he explained.

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