November 9, 2018

Kampala flooding Inks Ugandans, New City

Kampala City flooding is common whenever it rains but this time round residents are starting debate as to whether we need a well planned City.

Sarah Bireete a Kampala resident posted on her facebook page about her thoughts on Kampala floods this morning.

“Good Morning Uganda – a Country where floods wreak havoc in the city every time it rains. This morning, as I moved from Wakiso to Kampala, I realized that we can as well promote tourism through abrupt waterfalls caused by vehicles during simple rain because of a poor drainage system! Many lives have been lost in these city floods through people and small vehicles getting stuck in manholes! THE BIG QUESTION: Can we have a proper drainage system in greater Kampala as one of President M7’s legacy infrastructure projects?”.

She is not alone , Kiapi K. Freddie says for  Kampala we need to rethink for a new adminstration Capital by 2050.

Lwanga Christopher blames City developers

” But you descended on swamplands which are natural water catchment areas for your simplistic desires of private sector driven is now pay back time!”

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