MV Kalangala has this morning pulled out the canopy of the capsized boat that killed more than 30 people last week on Saturday.

Asuman Mugyenyi Operations Commander UPF says the next step is towing it either to the surface of Mutima beach or to deeper waters with help of MV Kalangala towards Portbell.

“We all used our budgets. We are going to use a tractor to pull out the remaining wreckage to the safer place on the shores. There was a plan to dismantle the boat wreckage using experts had all the plans failed. We are going back to the drawing board. You should know that underneath, there’s also mud,” he said.

UPDF Marines Brigade Commander, Michael Nyarwa said it was unsafe for the divers to enter and start searching for bodies if any, in the boat wreckage in the form it was.

“But now that we have pulled it up, the search is going to resume,” he said.
He further noted that the area where the boat wreckage is, is muddy and that there’s a possibility of bodies being trapped in the mud.