Principal Judge: Don’t Give Bribes To My ‘Hungry’ Magistrates

Principal Judge Yorokamu Bamwine has begged the the public not to offer bribes to magistrates and other judicial officials.

Bamwine said that offering these officials bribes is equivalent to ‘tempting a hungry lion’ because they don’t get enough remuneration to be self sustaining.

Bamwine said: “Magistrates don’t get adequate salaries, you all know that. When you come to them (magistrates) with an envelope, you are tempting a hungry lion. Just as you don’t have milk for your child at home, the magistrate can also lack. So, please don’t leave home with an envelope to give any judicial officer, policeman or prison official. Simply don’t bribe anybody.”

The Principal judge was speaking during an open court day session at Bugiri District Headquarters on Wednesday.


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