Ugandans Insult Besigye Tormentor Gilbert Arinaitwe

Ugandans on social media have yet to forgive Assistant Superintendent of Police Gilbert Arinaitwe Bwana eight years after he assaulted former FDC president Dr. Kizza Besigye.

The cop, who smashed Besigye’s car with a butt of his pistol and sprayed pepper spray into his eyes at the height of the walk to work protests in 2011 recently turned to God and became born again church preacher after a series of misfortunes.

MOST BRUTAL: Arinaitwe smashing Besigye’s car at Mulago round about in 2011

But when his picture was posted on facebook this week, it drew only negative comments ranging from insults to ridicule.

Arinaitwe has fallen from grace and was last year accused of raping a school girl. According to the then Police spokesman Asan Kasingye; Arinaitwe was entrusted with the care of a rebellious school girl but he turned on her and raped her in his car.

Kasingye told the media then that, Arinaitwe met the victim at the CID Headquarters in Kibuli. She had been taken there by her mother to meet family protection unit officers.

“The mother accused the girl of losing concentration at school. She wanted the officers to counsel her but in the office that the girl was taken, there was Arinaitwe who accepted to help counsel the girl.

According to published reports; Arinatwe later on called the girl and asked her to meet to him at Nakawa. “When she arrived, he called her into his car and raped her, right there,” Kasingye said.

And Ugandans on social media have not forgotten his misdeeds and quickly posted sniping comments to the picture of Arinaitwe leading a church choir.

One lady posted:

Until you apologize to Dr.Besigye for what you did to him I don’t think you will have the peace of mind. For the very first time I hated being a Ugandan because of what you did to a fellow human being. I felt so bad the way you treated him I felt sorry for his wife and children but may God forgive you.

Another posted: ‘Let him come out openly and apologise to Ugandans period.’

and another user wondered why Arinaitwe was not in jail: ‘So when was this? I thought he was…incarcerated’

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  1. I remembered Dr Besigye officiating at Major Bwana’s Funeral as MC and this son of Major Bwana did what he did to his Father’s close friend or relative? People do not fear shame! It will take me sometime to comprehend this kind of behavior especially from a policeman. What did he hope to achieve? That rank is undeserved.

  2. Aaaaaaaaaha guys,when i think about wha mr. Arinitwe did to retired besingye,the only thing is to see teas coming out from my eyes. May God bless him

  3. Late Bwana paid his son’s Price, villagemates destroyed enough of their Estate!

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