Rapist Confesses: I Always Wanted To Bonk White Girl

A boda boda rider nabbed on allegation that he raped a teenage German tourist has reportedly made a startling admission of the crime.

Fahad Kasadha, 29, now in custody at Kawempe Police Station has confessed upon his arrested yesterday that he has always fantasized having sex with white girls.

“I always wanted to have sex with white women. So, when I got the chance to carry her, it was heaven sent, I had to use it,” Kasadha said.

It is alleged that days ago, Kasadha met the victim (name redacted), 19, at a hangout in Kololo. The Tourist reportedly asked him to take her to Buziga. However, upon agreeing to and kicking off the journey, Kasadha took Kawempe-Kawanda route.

GUILT: “I always wanted to have sex with white women.”

At Kawanda, Police say, the suspect slowed down and entered a bushy area and taking advantage of the fact that the tourist was slightly drunk, he overpowered her and raped her and after stole her money estimated to be USD1200.

Police say the victim despite her ordeal, memorised the rapist’s boda boda registration plate (UDR 472B) and gave it to the police upon rescue. The Police swang into action and arrested the rapist who confessed and now awaits a court appearance.

Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire has confirmed the incident saying Kasadha will be charged with rape and any other charges that will pe appropriate.

“He will be charged with rape or any other cases depending on the facts as we establish them.

The case has been registered vide CRB 528/2018 as the victim undergoes Post-Exposure Prophylaxis treatment to avert any possibilities of HIV infection.


By Francis Otucu


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