Japanese Train Company Sorry For ‘inexcusable’ 25-Second Early Departure

A train company in Japan has felt the need to apologise after its service left the station ahead of schedule – by 25 seconds.

West Japan Railways have apologised for the ‘great inconvenience’ after one of their trains at Notogawa Station, in Shiga, mistakenly pulled away from the platform at 7.11.35am on Friday.

The conductor of the 7.12am train to Nishi Akashi Station in Hyogo Prefecture wrongly thought he was supposed to leave at 7.11am and closed the doors at that time.

He quickly realised his mistake, however after looking across the platform and seeing it empty he decided to leave early rather than reopen the doors and depart later than expected.

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  1. so organised, i waited for a 10pm GAAGAA BUS on 13th/05/2018 booked for Gulu from Namayiba park for 3 hours only for the trip to be cancelled at 10:15pm due to unexplained issue. worst travel experience i had, given the urgency. GAAGAA Bus company should work on their communication strategy or deliver training sessions to their staff to avoid mistake from repeating it’s self. How I wish they could only realize the importance of communication in business.

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