Nalufenya Will Be Closed – IGP Ochola

The new Inspector General of Police, Okoth-Ochola has told Parliament that its a matter of time before the feared torture house Nalufenya gets shut down for good.

Ochola revealed this while meeting members of the Parliamentary Committee on Defence and Internal Affairs on Thursday morning.

VICTIMS OF TORTURE: Suspects display wounds sustained at Nalufenya

Ochola said the order clsoing down the tortute facility for good was being drafted by the Police force’s Director of Legal Services and that when its presented on his desk, Nalufenya will be no more.

Ochola declared: “I am going to close it; the Director Legal Services is drafting the order to close it and anytime from now, I will sign it.”

This comes less than a month after a special Committee set up by Ochola to investigate the operations of Nalufenya has cleared the facility of any allegations of torture.


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