Kibuli Sex Abuse Victims Pen Witness Statements At CID

The Criminal Investigations Department last week started recording statement from school students who were allegedly sexually exploited by Kibuli Secondary School head teacher Hajj Ali Mugagga.

Hajj Mugagga is currently on suspension from the school and the police are collecting evidence with a view offiling criminal charges against the former school boss.

CID spokesperson Vincent Ssekate said four girls this week recorded witness statements at the CID headquarters in Kibuli, Kampala, where they were also subjected to mandatory medical tests.

The police interest in the matter comes as a committee set up by the Ministry of Education to investigate the sex abuse claims is expected to release its report soon.

Hajj Mugagga maintains his innocent and says the sexual misconduct allegations are part of a witch hunt by his enemies and school rivals.

Mugagga was forced out of Kibuli after private investigator Ronald Egesa published on social media, a report alleging wild sex abuse by Mugagga on his students.

The Egesa report alleged that Mugagga pays school fees for girls who become his sex objects.

Ministry of Education prohibits sexual relations between school administrators and students and pressure is on the education ministry to investigate the allegation at one of the top schools in the country.

There are reports that a report by the education ministry has recommended Mugagga be interdicted and his case handed over to the Police and the CID interest could be an indication of things to come.

Rosemary Seninde, the state minister for Primary Education in February indicated that Mugagga’s teaching credentials could be withdrawn if allegations against him are proved.

Seninde said: “The teaching profession has got its own code of ethics, which Mugagga knows very well. Also, if he is found guilty, the parents of the victims have a right to sue him.”


The ministry investigation which was instituted by Permanent Secretary Alex Kakooza, and is supposed to release its report soon was headed by Sam Kuloba, the commissioner in-charge of secondary education at the ministry. He is assisted by Benson Kule, the deputy director of education standards at the ministry. Ismail Mulindwa, the commissioner in- charge of private schools; James Sanya, who is in-charge of the Education ministry’s human resource and Angella Nakafeero from the Gender department.

Kakooza wrote to Mugagga that; ‘if the allegations are true, apart from having a criminal bearing, they would constitute a breach of the teachers’ code of conduct and ethics for the public service and would amount to a misconduct for which disciplinary action has to be taken.’

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