Islamic University Suspends Students Over Fornication

Tension is high at the Islamic University in Uganda, Mbale campus after the disciplinary committee suspended 23 students for allegedly engaging in open air fornication in the dark while at campus.

According to reports, the students were found engaging in an open air orgy contrary to the university regulations. though some have appealed the suspension and are awaiting to find out if their appeals were successful or not.

A statement released by the University administration confirmed the suspension of the students for engaging in what the university termed ‘love affairs.’

Dr Sulait Kabali,The University Coordinator, who also doubles as secretary of the disciplinary committee, said: “The students were found guilty of coupling and having sex on campus, which is contrary to the University rules and regulations.’

Kabali, added that on top of engaging in sex the students were also found guilty of theft of property, consuming alcohol and other narcotic drug and some had failed pregnancy tests.

According to the letter dated April 14, 2018, which has been circulating on social media many of the suspended students were reportedly found in the dark corners on different occasions performing sex acts on each other.

“During the cross-examining to which you were subjected at the above Disciplinary Sub-Committee and basing on your oral and written submission in which you stated that you were found in darkness engaging in love affairs, you were found guilty of having committed the above stated offence hence having violated the above cited rule,” reads part of the letter addressed to the suspended students.

The suspension of the students will last one academic year if their appeal to have the suspension lifted fails.

IUIU is a Muslim founded and funded university and sex is regarded as immoral. The university is governed by sharia law which dictates that students who wish to engage in sex should apply to get married first.

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