Easter Gift: Fortebet’s Punter Stakes 8k Wins 37.6m

What a way to enter this long Easter holiday
with a none-loan 37 million. Just like many
other winners, cash from Fortebet continued
to flow to another customer (punter) after
staking only 8000/= and winning a whooping
37,689,340/=. Most interestingly, this lucky
punter selected 20 games and they all won.
His winning trick was only one-selecting as
many home wins as possible. Below is how he
selected the winning games;
On his betting slip, he selected a total of 10
games, confident that the home teams would
win. These matches included; Palmeras SP-
Novorizontino and Chapecoense-Hercilio Luz
(from Brasil), Opova-Usit Nad Labem (from
Zchec Republic), Wolfsburg-Slavia Prague
(UEFA women’s Champions League). Under
the same category, he also matches from

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