Top Cops Eat Big in Police Reshuffle

New changes announced by the IGP Kale Kayihura yesterday (March 3 2018) have seen several officers resurface on the scene after completion of their various assignments in and out of Uganda.

The 53 changes announced brought back to the scene the flashy former OC traffic for Kampala Metropolitan Norman Musinga, former police mouth pieces; Fred Enanga and Polly Namaye.


Others like Bazil Mugisha and Sarah Kibwika (both traffic) made a comeback while AIGP Ahmed Wafuba and SCP Henry Tukahiirwa go to reserve police as head and deputy respectively.


The unfortunate ones were former RPC for Wamala region,Christopher Barugahare and DPC Busia, Ezra Tugume who have been sent to Police Standards Unit for investigations.

See more details below

Rank Name From To
AIGP Ahmed Wafula IGP’s office  Head Office, Reserve Taskforce
SCP Henry Tukahirwa R,P &D Police Reserve Deputy  Head
SCP  Steven Tanui FFU Police Reverse Taskforce as OPS officer
SCP Christopher Kasalawo IGP’s office Commander FFU
SCP Richard Edyegu L & E IGP’s office for special assignment
SCP Anne Tusiime L& E IGP’s office for special assignment
SCP Christine Nanding LPPU


Dep. Dir HR and Legal Services(LS)
SCP Kaali Ali Padhir FFU Deputy Director of oil and gas
SC James Ocaya R,P & D Dep Dir, Research, Planning &Dev(RP&D)
CP Bazil Mugisha From Course Logistics & Engineering (L&E)as dep dir
CP Kuteesa Simon Peter From Mission HR & LS
CP Opolot Jacob Omoding FFU Deputy Commander FFU
ACP Ecotu Agapitus HRM Operations officer FFU
ACP Paul Nkore HRM Deputy commandant Tourism police
ACP Philip Ocaye East Kyoga RPC Wamala
ACP Namaye polly Press Unit Information & publications
ACP Dennis Namuwoza Kigezi RPC KMP South
ACP Abbey Kisubi Nsambya Barracks Ag. CP Barracks Administration
ACP Siraj Bakaleke KMP East CPC as Ag CP Political Education
ACP Maxwell Ogwal From Course RPC East Kyoga
ACP Sarah Kibwika From course Traffic
SSP Anatoli Iginus Katungwensi From course JOC Police headquarters
SSP Geofrey Makyeme HRM Commandant Nsambya Barracks
SSP Moses Bwoya Mayegu From Course R, P & D
SSP Sharaf Seiko Chemonges From course RPC Kigezi
SSP Jackson Tumwine HRM R/CID Albertine
SSP Ignatius Otong N.West Nile RPC Sipi
SSP Bob Herbert Kagarura Sezibwa RPC North West Nile
SSP Norman Musinga From course Traffic
SSP Moses Mwanga Kityo From course RPC Savannah
SSP Suzan Edith Nalwoga From course RPC Sezibwa
SSP Christopher Barugahare Wamala PSU pending investigations
SSP Asuman Suwed From course Crime investigation
SSP Charles Mutungi From course CID Headqaurters
SSP Damalie Nachuha From course Pres Police Guard
SSP Henry Mugumya From course Commandant LPPU
SSP Chris Otim Abertine CID headquarters
SSP Musa Nabende Sipi ASTU as operations
SP Agnes Apolot From Mission CFPU Headquarters
SP Milton Birungi Beigumamu From Mission CID headquarters
SP Ezra Tugume Busia PSU pending investigations
SP Cyrus Tugume PPG Head of witness protection (CI)
SP Mariion Kutusa From Mission CFPU headquarters
SP Charles Nsaba From course DPC old Kampala
SP Michael Kasigire From course DPC Kira Road
ASP Jackson Maumbe From course OC station Adjumani
ASP Vicent Barkis Adupa Adjumani FFU
ASP Roberto Bwayo Bolihoro Adjumani CID headquarters
ASP Yasin Mbowa Kumi Adjumani as OC CID
ASP Ronald Wotwali From Course DPC Kawempe


2 thoughts on “Top Cops Eat Big in Police Reshuffle

  1. Thanks for the changes but hope they will won’t be corrupt like the sytem of Kayihu
    Please u have been appointed to serve and protect Ugandan’s but not M7

  2. I thank M7 for the changes made in police; however, He has systematically equipped police to become combat capable and designed police to thwart political descent than criminality. Have a closer look at the police budget, Crimes directorate receives less than 15% of the annual budget and yet it is the most demanding. We need about 4000 more scene of crime officers, 2000 forensic officers and 2000 crime directives. Most detectives are over stretched leading to poor quality jobs. Poor pay and welfare is another compromising factor. By the time the suspects are taken to court, there are hardly any evidence available. Witnesses don’t attend to witness summons to pin the suspects. Many think that by handing the suspect to police, their job is done. Any sound criminal justice system depends largely on two things; the quality of investigations and the cogency of witnesses. To expect courts to hand harsh punishment without water tight evidence would amount of a travesty of justice

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