Minister Kamya, MP Nambooze Trade Insults

A war of words has erupted between Kampala Minister Beti Olive Kamya and Mukono Municipality MP Betty Bakireke Nambooze over government plans to expand Kampala metropolitan area to cover some parts of Mukono.

Nambooze fired the first salvo on Thursday when she threatened to petition the Speaker of Parliament over what she terms as Kamya’s clandestine meetings with ‘mayors and District Administrative Officers without following the proper legal procedures.’

Nambooze also threatened to mobilise demonstrations against the government plan.

But Kampala Minister Kamya took Nambooze’s accusations with exception and fired back with fury.

FURIOUS: Beti Kamya slammed Nambooze

Kamya blasted off: “It is understandable that you need to be heard in the press and seen to be working as much as possible, but it is important that you should research the information you pass on to the public. It is irresponsible not to do so. The shadow minister for local government is very well paid by the central government to hire researchers and perform her functions diligently.”

Kamya said there has never been a plan to annex Mukono to Kampala but only to operationalize the Kampala Metropolitan Physical Planning Authority whose aim it to ensure that land use in Kampala and metropolitan area follows designated plans.

Kamya said that the proposed arrangement, development of Kampala city is supposed to integrate plans of the surrounding fast-growing suburbs of Wakiso, Mpigi and Mukono.


2 thoughts on “Minister Kamya, MP Nambooze Trade Insults

  1. Kamya’s explanation in ambiguous. So whats the difference between Annexing Mukono and “operationalizing the Kampala Metropolitan Physical Planning Authority in Mukono”? If its for good intentions then it should have a good, clear explanation. That’s how the opposition takes the day when Government officials cant explain government plans clearly.
    Nambooze might not be right but Kamya’s justification is also just a forest of words coming to Nambooze’s meaning. If you can’t explain it well enough then you don’t understand it well either. Genda bakuddilemu!!

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