Susan Magara Dead, Body Dumped By Roadside

Susan Magara, who has been missing since February 7th, has been found, DEAD.

The police found a body of a lady dumped by the roadside in Kigo on the southern bypass at a spot known in the area as Kitiko Birongo. She was quickly identified as the missing Ms Magara and family were then contacted.

Kampala Metro Police Spokesperson, Luke Oweyesigyire confirmed the body had been identified as that of Magara and promised more details in the coming hours.

Forensic detectives were seen at the spot where the body was found. (see picture below)

“About a dozen policemen were working at the spot. they had a black van and they were seen taking pictures. The crowd was kept at a distance,’ an eye witness told Red Pepper.

Magara, 28, was taken unknown people on her way home in Lungujja, Lubaga Division. She was reported missing on February 8th after her car, with her personal items was discovered about 200 meters from the gate of her home.

At the time she worked as an administrator at a family run farm. The firm is owned by her father. John Magara.

Red Pepper is working all angles and will publish a blockbuster on this story in the coming days.


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