Mama Lususu Charged Over Use Of Dangerous Chemicals

Mama Lususu has been arraigned in court charged with the illegal use of the UNBS quality mark on her cosmetic products.

Namawejje Fiona, 35, a popular dealer in cosmetic products branded Aunt Lususu (mama lususu) appeared before Gladys Kamasanyu charged with  the illegal use of a Quality Mark issued only by Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS).

According to court records Namawejje used the quality mark without authority from UNBS which is against the law.

The state alleges that she illegally uses the mark on her products namely; Aunt Lususu Family Jelly, Aunt Lususu Face Clearing Jelly and Aunt Lususu Cosmetics and sold the same products to the public well knowing that the products quality was not sanctioned an verified by UNBS.

She was was arrested on Thursday and her products confiscated from her Kampala shop on Nakasero Complex.

UNBS has launched a campaign against dealers in good that are classified as a danger to public health.

UNBS in the same week impounded goods worth millions belonging to another cosmetics company known as Sure Deal.

A statement issued by the standards group says; ‘the seized products included Baby Petroleum Jelly, Baby Oil, Lightening Shinning Cream, Instant Bleach Cream, Lightening Herbal Soap, Lightening Oil, and Stretch Mark Oil, among others.’

The cosmetic goods were found to have substances that aren’t fit for use on human beings. They were confiscated from Sure Deal Beauty Centre offices at Senana Building Buganda Road.


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