Police warns locals on GBV


By Andrew Cohen Amvesi Police of Arua has teamed up with Reproductive Health Uganda (RHU) Prevention plus project to fight the looming cases of gender based violence (GBV) in Arua district.

The team has been traversing the district during the sixteen days of activism campaign against GBV under the theme: “From peace in the home to peace in the nation: Male engagement for safety of women and girls.”

During the campaign, Josephine Angucia, the North Western police spokesperson warned locals against taking the law into their hands by causing havoc in their homes.

She identified alcoholism, drug abuse and land wrangles as sothe main causes of GBV in Arua district.

“Most of the men today have left left the burden of looking food in the hands of women. What they know is to go out and booze, smoke opium, eat mairungi and come back home to shamelessly ask for food to eat,” Angucia stated.

“Once they don’t get the food, they start beating their wives,” Angucia said, adding that such people must be reported to police for disciplining.

Angucia also warned against over producing, saying days of producing like rats are no more.

Angucia advised that locals should produce the number of children they can feed and pay in school lest such children will become thugs and start terrorizing the community.

Similarly, Geofrey Ogutu, the RHU – Arua branch project officer said it is time for people to start contributing to gender just society by respecting their women in homes.

He observed that the program was aimed at engaging the community to promote equal gender norms and prevent gender based violence among members of the society.

The function held in different areas like Odramacaku trading center in Ayivuni Sub County, Ajia trading center in Ajia Sub County, Arua government prison and Arivu Sub County headquarters attracted hundreds of locals from different walks of life.

The events were characterized by drama shows, family planning messages, HIV and Hepatitis B testing and Counseling in partnership with local organizations such as Obulamu and Caritus.


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