Ugandan Nurse Dies Waiting On Govt Pledge Money

Juderine Kasingye, an enrolled nurse whose fundraising drive for a kidney transplant has been a subject for social media #SaveJuderine campaign for the last year has today passed away.

Kasingye was 27-year old. She was stricken by kidney disease and she could not find the money for treatment. She could not even find a local hospital that could treat her disease.

VERY ILL: Juderine succumbed to kidney disease on November 14th, 2017

So she did what she could afford, reach out to family and friends for help. Many did and told their colleagues to also chip in and help. Soon her fundraising drive was a trending topic on social media as strangers all pulled together to raise enough funds to enable her get to India where a transplant operation was to be carried out.

At one time she believed she had a breakthrough. The Ministry of Finance approved a contribution of 76M towards her medication. This money would have enabled her have the operation. But it never came through.

Muhereza Kyamutetera who was involved in the fundraising drive for Kasingye said; ‘After over 3 months waiting, the money was (reportedly) wired to Ibanda District local government account at the end of October. She died before getting it.’

‘My heart bleeds for this country’s mothers, fathers, wives, husbands etc who have to helplessly see their loved ones waste away. I know that pain. Today was Juderine. Tomorrow it could be you or me or even you Mr/Miss Minister. Juderine; May you rest in peace. May your death be not in vain.’

Kyamutetera posted his message on facebook and the post quickly became viral.

He raises the condition of another Ugandan, a police cadet who is stricken with kidney disease and wasting away as he fails to raise enough money for treatment.

SICK: ASP Semugenyi needs your help

As we plan to bury and possibly forget Juderine, another young man 28-year old ASP Rashid Semugenyi who was serving his country in Mitooma district is battling for his life at Kiruddu Hospital. He too needs a kidney transplant in India.

His fellow cadets are trying almost in vain, for over 5 months to raise the money to save their colleague from their painful jaws of death. But it is evident their meagre salary can only do as much! But where’s the Uganda Police Force; where is the government? Why must young people continue to perish?’

As we mourn Juderine, lets try to save ASP Semugenyi with whatever little we can- please send anything to his wife Aisha Tariq on +256 704 606498 or his friend and lead campaigner ASP Mubarak Semakula (+256772194319)

One Gerald Balaba Alireki summed up the situation: The sad tragedy of the Uganda that we call home! Sad sad sad!
Marcelino Bwesigye posted: ‘Am crying with you my kid brother. We r many serving well this Government but there are equally many vampires in high, mighty and strategic positions. They feed on blood and flesh of the lowly….may it be business unusual in Juderine’s memory! 
And Winnie Nayebare said: ‘Does it need a month to transfer money from Ibanda District Account to Kasingye Juderine’s account??? Moreover she has been their staff. Shame on you people at the district who are concerned. Juderine you served this country you saved many lives as a nurse, why die in such a way? Is this the way how things are done? Is this the way how we poor people are going to continue dying? God may you receive Juderine’s soul.

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  1. It is SOOOO sad to see a Trained Nurse who has saved many lives die in such a way, how come the 29m came out in just 2 days for the MPs, and why send the money to |Ibanda when this Nurse had a Bank A/C, just like what happened after her death, funds remained in the District A/c or it was given to Family?

  2. It is the time to think about starting a national HEALTH INSURANCE SCHEME. Poorer countries like Rwanda have done it. Yes we Can!

  3. Its time to think about people’s life,really its absad for our lovely Nurse that after the District receiving the money sory they never mind about the Nurse’s life its ashame after serving the Government for the long period and they live u just to die poorly like that

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