Kampala Braced For Nkuba Kyeyo Parties

The fight for the title of ‘big spender’ in Kampala seems to be going into the 13th round.
Reports reaching us have it there is a new fight raging on amongst Nkuba Kyeyos from different countries who are all flying down to Kampala to organize parties, to flex their financial muscles.
Snoops intimate that their fight is set to be exhibited in the pomp and glamour at the parties they are planning to organize in town.
The grapevine is buzzing that new money a one Joseph Wajjala who has been making millions in Sweden, is threatening to make Ugandans forget all about the Sangomas from South Africa.
The gang from South Africa have been setting the record for splashing the most money on parties during the holiday season.
Friends of Wajjala say the man is in the hotel business in Sweden and Denmark and he is vowing to write a name for himself in Kampala this Christmas.
Wajjala is throwing a big party on November 30, at Club Guvnor code-named Million Dollar Party, which he wants to use to show those coming from South Africa to carry more money this year.

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