Fortbet Lucky Winner Bags 7m

Are you dreaming that you bet nine games and you can be relaxed because all the
game that you bet will be decided many minutes before the end? ForteBet punter
with the nickname Kayl never forgot for the past weekend. He created very colorful
betting slip with nine matches from England, Germany and Italy and he bet four wins
of home or away teams and five times that both team to score. All games are
without troubles for Kayl. The only one equalizing game played Manchester United
at Old Trafford against Tottenham. Kayl bet the win of United and he has to wait for
the winning goal until 81st minute when scored the substitute Anthony Martial who
came on the pitch just 10 minutes before his winning goal. This goal has brought to
Kayl the fantastic winning more than 7 million UGX! Congratulations!

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