M7 Lures Bugisu Leaders On Life Presidency

By Our Reporters

At the time of writing this story, President Museveni (accompanied by Junior environment minister Kitutu) was locked up in a meeting with the Elgon region leaders.

The meeting was held in Mbale State Lodge. In attendance were the MPs, LC5 Chairpersons, RDCs and Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) from the region.

Reliable sources disclosed that Museveni, who the previous night appeared on Open Gate FM, would use the meeting to gauge the views of the leaders regarding life presidency that is currently being processed in Parliament.

On their part, the LC5 bosses planned to prompt him to comment on instability and violent crime that has lately been on the increase in their area.

Specifically, Manafwa LC5 chairman John Musiira was leading a group that intended to prompt Museveni to clarify on the actual position the powerful Mbale district NRM chairman Mohamood Masaba holds in both UPDF and Police given the influence he has on top police and UPDF officers operating in the region.

“They listen to him as if he is the IGP or CDF. His supporters even brag how he can influence who becomes RPC in this region. They are saying all this because he can freely ring the IGP and complain against any police officer in this region and that’s why there is a lot of insecurity. Instead of doing security work, the UPDF and Police bosses in the region are busy doing Masaba’s errands. He has used his NRM position to become very powerful and he is like the Abdul Kitata of Elgon region,” one of the LC5 chairmen ranted outside State Lodge as they prepared to meet Museveni.

They planned to seek his clarification making a public statement regarding the source of power for mystery Mbale tycoon Mohamood Masaba.

The chairmen also intended to caution Museveni to be careful about kiwaani FDC defectors some NRM mobilizers in the region were planning to parade before him in order to con him of his money.

They referred to the weekend incident in Soroti where NRM supporters from Kampala were presented to him as defectors from FDC and he unsuspectingly took photos with them not knowing these are NRM boys just playing games on him to cash in on the Togikwatako dime.

The LC5 bosses also intended to report the Mbale Municipality town clerk protesting the manner in which he awarded the Mbale taxi park tender to a certain NRM-leaning tycoon who has nothing to do with the taxi business.

“The President has always been very clear the management of the parks should be tendered to taxi drivers, operators and owners and not outsiders. The town clerk has awarded it to a rich man who has nothing to do with taxi business and we shall be seeking his (M7) guidance on that as well,” one chairperson said as they prepared to enter the meeting at State Lodge.

They also commended SFC bosses who cancelled an item on the President’s program that would see him visit a private home of one of the NRM bosses in Mbale town.

SFC cancelled this meeting after getting information the owner of the home had already extorted money from people claiming it was payment for them to be allowed to take photos with the president during that visit.

Some expressed concern that the President was reluctant to meet NRM and LC3 Chairpersons based at the Sub County level yet they are many in number and can play big role in marketing life presidency because they live near the people.

The SFC bosses and protocol people discouraged this fearing the LC3 chairmen may use that meeting to go on a begging spree yet the man from Rwakitura these days doesn’t have such free money to waste on politics anymore.

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