245 NRM MPs Agree To Remove Age Limit, Only One Declines

245 NRM MPs Agree To Remove Age Limit, Only One Declines

By Serestino Tusingwire

The ruling National Resistance Movement party legislators have this afternoon finalized a plan to remove presidential age limits from the constitution.

This comes after 245 MPs during a party caucus consultative meeting held at Parliament Conference Hall agreed to table a private members bill in parliament seeking to amend article 102(b) which limits a person to contest for presidency bellow 35 and beyond 75 years of age.

Kumi Woman MP, Monica Amoding was the only dissenting voice in the meeting.

It should be noted that President Museveni who is currently 72 would not be allowed to contest in 2021 if article 102(b) remains untouched.

This is the first time the NRM MPs have officially come out to declare their position on the matter, though a few members have been promoting it individually.

The move have been long awaited and it’s not a surprise to many as it has been much hoped that NRM would use its numbers in the Parliament to push for the removal of age limits to allow President Museveni stay on.

DP’s ‘K’ogikwatako’ campaign movers are yet to comment on the move by the NRM MPs.

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