Pepper Publications Group Impresses Movit Boss

Pepper Publications Group Impresses Movit Boss

Movit Products Limited’s Public Relations/Advertising Manager, Robert Kitenda Gobii left the Pepper Publications Group (PPG) Namanve based premises shaking his head vertically in appreciation of the excellent work being done.

This was after a courtesy visit on Monday by Kitenda to PPG that was aimed at having a more resourceful interaction with the section heads. Kitenda was hosted by PPG’s general manager, Emmanuel Bazooba, Richard Kintu (Red Pepper’s deputy news editor), John Nanyumba (Supplements supervisor/public relations business editor), Francis Tumusiime (editor Bwino newspaper), Richard Aheebwa (PPG client relations manager), Polycarp Engola (assistant program’s manager-Juice FM) and Serestino Tusingwire (Red Pepper Online Editor).

One by one, Bazooba introduced to Kitenda all the PPG brands and their target audience. The brands include; the Red Pepper, Saturday Pepper, Sunday Pepper, Kamunye (Luganda), Entatsi (Runyakitara), Bwiino, Emulalu (Ateso), Red Pepper Online and home to 103.4 Juice FM (broadcasting in both English and Luganda). Bazooba also introduced to Kitenda the company’s ‘baby brand’- Dwon Luo, published in Luo.


“On behalf of the company (PPG), I expressed my sincere gratitude for the continued good working relationship with Movit Products Limited. I call upon MPL to seriously venture into all the products because each of them has its own audience-and in this, the whole populace is covered,” Bazooba said.

Tumusiime advised Movit Products Limited to come up with as many activities as possible, through which they will majorly talk about the little known products

In his speech, Kitenda sincerely thanked the company for the good relationship with Movit Products Limited even in such times of last week when the media was full of publications against the brand of Movit Products Limited.

“I therefore requested for this relationship to continue and urge all the editors and their sub-editors to always endeavor to contact me in case of any story for my input to benefit both sides,” Kitenda noted.

He noted that he was so pleased with the company’s recent online performance because, according to him, figures indicated that it is second to none. He too appreciated the good media/PR coverage that PPG always give Movit Products Limited.

While on the company guided tour in the radio, Engola exhaustively dissected the ‘new juice FM’ programming that has made it one of the most listened-to radios in town. Kitenda was thereafter air-hosted on the radio, where he talked to Movit Products Limited customers and thanked them for their continued support.


On his departure, the hospitable PPG gave Kitenda copies of all the company papers plus a record of his radio voice clip.

Come again!

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