Gun-Wielding Civilian Named

Gun-Wielding Civilian Named

High crime rates have been attributed to the big number of guns in the hands of reckless civilians, according to recent reports.

Now this seems not to end soon after a photo of a civilian posing with a gun went viral on social media. In the photo, this man is seen enjoying his booze at a restaurant with a fat wallet and a pistol resting on his table.

Our snoops have identified the gun-wielding ‘goon’ as Bonny Odongo, an NRM cadre in Lira district and a journalist who writes for New Vision and local Paper, Rupiny.

According to sources, when the photo started making rounds, police summoned him to record statement at CPS, Lira and he reportedly told them that it was photoshop, but photo experts insist the photo is real.

It has always resulted to a catastrophe each time firearms are in possession of untrained persons.

Late last year, the executive director of Quantum Express Logistics Mathew Kanyamunyu was jailed for reportedly shooting down a social worker Kenneth Akena at Lugogo for scratching his car. A few months ago, NRM deputy SG Richard Todwong also reportedly accidentally shot his leg.

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