Bobi Wine Out Working To Discredit Kabaka – Mayiga

Bobi Wine Out Working To Discredit Kabaka – Mayiga

Katikkiro says singer’s men planning an attack on king

 By Our Reporters

Katikkiro Peter Mayiga on Thursday appeared on BBS TV to electronically interact with his supporters and critics focusing on his achievements and failures in the past 4 years of his Buganda kingdom leadership.

Many questions were raised including the sticky issue regarding the murky circumstances under which parts of Bobi Wine’s Busabala One Love Beach were demolished and land repossessed by Buganda kingdom.

Bobi Wine has maintained being defrauded by Mengo. Katikkiro told BBS viewers Bobi Wine was deliberately not telling the truth. The Katikkiro, who admitted ever visiting the beach during his Tofali collection tours, said yet to be verified information had reached his office showing that Bobi Wine was behind increased public verbal attacks against the person of the Kabaka.

“If he is genuinely Omubanda wa Kabaka as he claims, I challenge Bobi Wine to prevail on his agents who are busy attacking the Kabaka and directing all sorts of insults at him. Available information shows these are people he has control over yet he isn’t doing anything to restrain them from attacking the Kabaka,” Mayiga said without clearly explaining who these people were.

What is true is that, perhaps inspired by Tamale Mirundi and Sheikh Muzaata, the urban poor living in slums where Bobi Wine has a lot of influence have lately been very hostile to Mengo while occasionally uttering uncharitable stuff towards the Buganda king.

Some like James Sekidde of Ndeeba slums and Chief Mbowa Moses of Lusaze slums have even posted their recorded long speeches on social media making very personal attacks at leaders at Mengo.


It’s possible Mayiga’s characterization of the singer may be untrue or even biased but the fact remains that whatever way you look at it, the hostility with Mengo constitutes one of the many hurdles standing in Bobi Wine’s way to political greatness as he seeks to become MP for Kyaddondo East.

Briefly here is why: he is plunging into the campaign with an increasingly diminishing political base. This because of the multiple political miscalculations he has made so far. Firstly is defying elders’ advice to wait for Apollo Kantinti to complete his term while single handedly challenging NRM’s Sitenda Sebalu as the sole opposition candidate.

The advice has been “just wait and defeat Kantinti in the FDC primaries three years from now and you become unanimous candidate.” He is an incumbent and FDC founding member in Kyaddondo East but Kantinti isn’t very strong and can’t defeat Wine in party primaries. In fact the advice has been for Wine to vigorously campaign for Kantinti and even seek to become his campaign manager. This would bring him into direct access and understanding of the FDC party structures that would gift him with the flag three years from now because the mistakes Kantinti is bound to make would have made him unpopular enough for Wine to floor him.

Some have been advising Wine to concentrate on his law course and plan to use his active FDC membership to become elected as party chairman for his Magere village, then parish, Nangabo Sub County and eventually constituency chairman. That way some believe he would even win in 2021 without even making posters because none in the opposition would dare stand against him then.

This group already feels alienated Wine hasn’t accepted their prudent advice. In fact it’s said Kantinti would even be blackmailed not to seek re-election given the magnitude of his personal problems like incumbency and involvement in land wrangles in the area.

Seeking Mao’s blessing is another aspect already alienating Wine as it automatically has turned off the likes of Betty Nambooze, Erias Lukwago, Mathias Mpuuga, Medard Segona and other Ganda elected leaders with significant influence in Kyaddondo East. He approached Nambooze, Erias Lukwago and others. They unanimously told him they would form their opinion in consultation with Kizza Besigye to whom Wine has at least remained very respectful so far even after KB made it clear, much as Wine is a good candidate, party discipline enjoins him to back Kantinti who remains the FDC flag bearer for the 5 years (2016-2021).

“Publicly going to Mao was the worst mistake because it put off his political adversaries who would have been more useful to Bobi Wine. They started looking at him as an opportunist like Kato Lubwama as opposed to the very principled young man they thought he was,” said a source close to the ‘Bad DP’ leaders who resent anything to do with Mao.

“Apart from trying to use Wine to get publicity for his DP faction, there isn’t much Wine can get from Mao and that is something he will live to regret as the campaign progresses,” said a source. The same source also reflected on the political risks Wine is going to run into having to inevitably make personal attacks on KB.

“This is campaign period and you simply can’t avoid being misunderstood to be attacking him. That will be the worst for Wine who already has a bad relationship with Mengo whose CBS radio has a lot of listenership in Kyaddondo. His [Wine’s] supporters are already saying Besigye is ungrateful and this only exposes their candidate because it shows he makes the mistake of singing to appease Besigye as opposed to being in it on conviction that it’s the right thing for his country and posterity,” the source argued.

Many fear this impending by-election would politically annihilate Wine to levels his elder siblings Fred Nyanzi and Eddie Yawe found themselves sinking. Yawe has twice (2011 & 2016) lost bid to join parliament and Nyanzi has lost even more times. Their defeat is largely blamed on failure to calculate well especially when determining who your allies are going to be. Given the way Mengo is currently fighting to isolate him, 2021 would clearly have been the best political bait for Bobi Wine.

Waiting for 2021 kills many birds for him with one stone: including avoiding antagonism with Besigye and his fanatical supporters while causing his Mengo feud to gradually be forgotten. Sources close to him also reveal the veteran musician, who some prefer to front for Sabagabo Municipality where his beach is located, is financially not in a very good position right now yet campaigning can be financially very draining.

Clearly the best but painful option for him now would be to wait for 2021 which is just 3 years away and he would triumphantly walk to Parliament representing a constituency that is solidly behind him as a leader.

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