Wealthy Herbalist Attacked, Cheats Death

Wealthy Herbalist Attacked, Cheats Death

A popular city herbalist survived death on Saturday night after unknown thugs broke into his house in Kasenge-Kikajjo zone, Wakiso district.

Sheikh Rashid Lukwago, who deals in herbal solutions for people with sexual problems and other ailments, is living in fear after the said thugs vandalized his house and property, but never took anything, because they had gone for him specifically.

Lukwago told the police that “They broke into my house through one of the windows. However, since I and my family members had already heard them, we raised an alarm and they fled.”

He added that “This is the second time these attackers are doing it. The first time they attacked
me, I was at my other home, but I managed to escape unhurt.”

His wife Sharifa Lukwago said that “I heard the men who attacked our house asking each other if my husband was inside the house. When one confirmed to the other that my husband is at home, they started breaking in. But one of them ordered me to shut up!”

By press time the police were still looking for the thugs, though police sources revealed that the problem has been worsened by courts which release criminals who are arrested by police.

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