Saudi King’s Riches Stun The World

Saudi King’s Riches Stun The World

Seven Umbrellas, a golden escalator to get him from his gold-clad plane to the tarmac, 572 workers, 10,000 policemen and five luxury hotels booked.

That a glimpse of what the King of Saudi Arabia needs to visit a country.

King Salman disembarked from a gold-clad plane via an escalator and had seven aides armed with huge umbrellas to protect him from the rain as he touched down in Indonesia.

Cheering crowds welcomed the 81-year-old on Wednesday as he began the first visit by a Saudi monarch to Indonesia for almost 50 years, bringing with him 1,000 aides and an array of expensive personal touches.

The World has never seen luxury like this. Never before and never will be.

Among his demands for the nine-day trip were a VIP toilet built for him at a mosque in Jakarta and 506 tons of luggage including two escalators and a pair of Mercedes-Benz limousines.

‘As the country with the biggest Muslim population in the world, Indonesia will always have a special bond with Saudi Arabia,’ the Indonesia president Joko Widodo told the King at the palace.

The Kind landed in Indonesia to join an enormous entourage of 620 people as well as 800 delegates, including ministers and 25 princes.

Preparations have been elaborate.

Naked statues at the Bogor palace were covered up before the King’s arrival, while local media reported that 150 chefs had been hired to cook for the king’s party.

The monarch and his entourage will reportedly stay in five luxury hotels in Bali for several days following the visit to Jakarta.


 – Due to the size of the operation, King Salman is taking SEVEN planes

– His huge entourage will stay in FIVE luxurious hotels in Jakarta

– It has been reported up to 100 security personnel will guard King Salman

– The king’s safety is such a priority that 10,000 Indonesian police officers will be deployed including soldiers to make sure the visit is secure

– The House of Representatives has installed a special seat for his speech

– A portable ramp has also been fitted to the House at the king’s request

– At the Istiqlal Mosque, an elevator and a special toilet have been fitted

– Two Mercedes-Benz s600 limousines have made the trip for transport

– As well as the entourage, 800 delegates have travelled from Saudi Arabia

– An airfreight company had to set aside 572 members of staff for the cargo

-From Daily Mail


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