OPINION: Why M7 400bn City Cameras Can’t Work

OPINION: Why M7 400bn City Cameras Can’t Work

By Adam Luzindana

During the 2007 CHOGM events in Kampala, the Government of Uganda spent billions shillings to install CCTV cameras around Kampala. I bet if those cameras are operational or if they were installed.

As usual because Museveni knows that Ugandans are the most forgetful human beings on earth, he is now telling us that the Government of Uganda is going to install cameras in all towns in Uganda.

What a mockery! If we have failed to have operational traffic lights just in Kampala, how are we going to manage thousands of cameras around the country?

We need electricity that is on 24 hours not this darkness I see in this village called Kampala. Mr President, Kampala is full of dust, the road where Andrew Felix Kaweesi was murdered from (Kulambilo) if you installed cameras in the morning, by evening the cameras will be covered in dust thus rendering them useless. Again the darkness at Kulambilo road is as if you are in those jungles in Congo.

For this camera project to be a success, you need a huge committed, trained and boosted team which I don’t think is in place. In a country where people steal signposts for quick cash, how sure are we that the cameras won’t be stolen? Before the government touch taxpayer’s money, a lot needs to be done to render the project useful.

Mr President, the morale of the Police officers to oversee those cameras is at its lowest. Mr President, when did you last visit a Police Barracks to see how these officers live? The police emergency line 999 doesn’t function anymore. Police Officers use their own personal cellphones to do Police work.

Actually a study was carried out recently that 92% of detectives in Uganda use their phones and airtime to investigate cases! Can you imagine?

The day you turned Uganda Police into another organ of NRM where its prime duty is to preserve and defend NRM, was the end of Uganda Police Force. How can Police sleep like dogs and you expect them to work to their full capacity?

RIP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, The Body Guard and The Driver.

You were good people serving a wrong regime.

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