Nyanzi Stings Janet Museveni Over Pads

Nyanzi Stings Janet Museveni Over Pads

Makerere don Stella Nyanzi has doubled down on her criticism of First Lady Janet Museveni on the day she was grilled by CID over previous outbursts against the first family.

This is Nyanzi’s latest post which has gone viral, with thousands of her followers sharing the scathing attack.

‘Why should I cushion Uganda’s leaders, yet they neglect Ugandans? Why should I pad Janet Kataaha Museveni, yet she justified to parliament the lies about our government lacking money to provide sanitary pads to poor Ugandan girls – although her husband manipulated voters during his presidential campaigns with empty promises of the same pads? Why should I praise Uganda’s rapists, oppressors, thieves, bullies, despots, misogynists, dictators, land grabbers, spin doctors, praise singers of a rotten roguish regime? Why should I conceal the rot in our public institutions, and the thick pus that freely oozes from the soul of our beloved country?’

Meanwhile Nyanzi posted on twitter that she is collecting money to give sanitary pads for girls in school and activists joined the campaign under the hashtag #PadsForUganda.

A campaign to raise money for the sanitary pads started on the crowd funding site gofundme.com had raised USD1000 in hours out of a target of USD 10,000.

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