Kenya Test Runs Standard Gauge Railway

Kenya Test Runs Standard Gauge Railway

Kenya has carried out a test run of the standard gauge railway service between the capital city Nairobi and the Port City of Mombasa.

The test run was described as a success and took six hours with several stops and a passenger train was used for the test.

Uganda is yet to start construction of the tracks for its part of the SGR track from the Kenyan border to Kampala.

The passenger train left Nairobi at 9.30am and arrived at the Mombasa Marshaling yard at around 4.00pm. Speaking at the Mombasa marshaling yard (dubbed kilometer zero) at the Port of Mombasa, SGR Project Coordinator Johnson Matu said they were impressed with the initial test runs.

The maiden test drive trip from Nairobi to Mombasa covered a total of 472km with the first stop being at Mtito Andei for two hours and five minutes.

A specialised compartment fitted with a computerised system, which is able to see condition of track and relay it to the computer system was among the compartments hauled by the locomotive on the maiden drive.

There was a two hour stoppage at Mtito Andei, which is the mid point of the 472km and included four coaches and two passenger locomotive engines of the DF 8B class.

“We were cruising at a speed of 120km per hour from Nairobi up to Mtito Andei, where all the rail communication modern systems are in place,” he said. But after Mtito Andei, it took longer for the train to cruise since they opted to travel at much lower speeds since the signaling and communication system are yet to be complete.

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