Janet M7 Advises Onyango To Play In UPL

Janet M7 Advises Onyango To Play In UPL

By Moses Batte

The Minister of Education and Sports, Janet K Museveni has advised Ugandan footballers who rush to foreign leagues to look for greener pastures to stay home and develop their county’s league. She wants them to join clubs in the Uganda premier league and develop the league.

The first lady said this on Sunday while reacting to various commentaries in the news that were advising Denis Onyango not to miss a golden chance in case any English premier league comes begging for his services.

Janet who seemingly never knew that Onyango is playing in the South African league kept on advising the star who has won the African Player of the Year Award (Based in Africa) to keep in the Country instead of leaving their own behind and going for the already made leagues.

“There is a mind-set that is so disturbing within the Ugandan people or is it Africans generally speaking that make our young people think that when you become successful especially in sports, then you should no longer belong to Uganda but it’s a qualifier to go to other countries’ teams,” said Janet.

“Anyhow for now I simply wanted to congratulate Denis Onyango and Uganda on his success as we shall always look at him as a national hero and role model and pray that God will give us resilience to build the strength in our country and may He continue to bless and use our people for His glory,” concluded Janet

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