Gitaawo, Ssemwanga Reconcile

Gitaawo, Ssemwanga Reconcile

The celebrated South Africa based Sangomas Ivan Ssemwanga and Cameroon Gitaawo are said to have buried their hatched.  The two are now best friends and they are currently doing business together.

This comes after natives of South African accused the Ugandan Sangomas of exploiting them and making more money.   They accuse them of flaunting money like it is picked from trees, their showoff parties where they buy expensive drinks for all.

This is what forced Gitaawo and Ssemwanga to be on talking terms again.  Ivan was snapped enjoying drinks with Meddie Ssentongo, and Gitaawo in South Africa.

Sources say that it was agreed that they shouldn’t be intimidated by the natives of South Africa and they are determined more than ever to make money.

It should be remembered that Ivan is beefed Gitaawo because he is very loaded though he doesn’t show off.

Ssemwanga was quoted saying “If he is loaded, why doesn’t he splash money and do open bars like the way we do it here in Rich gang?”. “If he cannot spend, then he shouldn’t brag that he is rich. No one will know him.”

Despite the rift, Gitaawo is still seen as the most successful Ugandan in South African when compared to Zari’s ex-husband, Ivan.

Gitaawo has been in South Africa for over sixteen years living in Pretoria and is a self-styled entrepreneur who owns a number of businesses including Sandton technical College under the Sandton Education Group, Kristel property group that deals in student accommodation and real estate business, Kristel family restaurant and Cameroon group of companies. Kristel Family Restaurant has two branches in Sandton and Cape Town.

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