Fr. Gaetano Live And Kicking

Fr. Gaetano Live and Kicking

Kabale: In our yesterday publication titled ‘M7 Critic Fr. Gaetano Feared Dead’, we erroneously implicated that   Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda of Kitanga parish in Kabale district had been said to have died.

However, we have since established that Fr. Gaetano is alive, well and still blessed with the gift of life by God. Pepper Online has also established that the ‘Gaetano’ who died is actually known Gaetano Rubareema, a head teacher in Kitanga Parish.

One of Fr. Gaetano’s congregants and respected Pepper Online follower identified as Goodluck Musinguzi had this to say; “I have talked to him on phone. There is a head teacher called Gaetano Rubareema. He is the one who died.”

We thus apologize the for mix-up and inconveniences the publication may have caused to the person of Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda, his parishioners, the Catholic church, friends and family.

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