Curvaceous Winnie Nwagi Clashes with Songwriter over Dime

Curvaceous Winnie Nwagi Clashes with Songwriter over Dime

Word doing rounds from the corridors of Muyenga based Swangz Avenue is that management of sexy songbird Winnie Nwagi has fallen out with her song writer.

The songwriter in question has been identified as Dr. Brain real name Nkwanga Godfrey. Reports have it that the dude is the one who wrote ‘Musawo’ for curvaceous Nwagi last year and was paid

The song went on to become a monster hit launching her singing career. After, he wrote another song ‘Magic’ and took to Swangz Avenue but this time demanded for Shs3m seeing how much his
previous song had amassed for the label.

However, Julius Kyazze was only willing to part with Shs1.5m which Dr. Brain rejected. They
increased and offered Shs2.5 but the youthful songwriter still refused until they finally gave in to his Shs3m demand.

However, for some reason, management warned Dr. Brain never to return to Swangz, something that he has never understood. The songwriter has been wondering how only Shs3m can make Swangz bosses angry yet they reaped millions from his song.

After being thrown out of Swangz, the dude wrote another song which he had intended to give to Irene Ntale before she left but instead approached Team No Sleep (TNS) boss Jeff Kiwa and gave it to Sheebah Karungi which became the ‘Kisasi Kimu’ hit.

Word is that Swangz management wants to call him back but have failed because of pride after what they did to him yet he thought the two parties had developed a working relationship.  Dr. Brain has been going around saying his efforts were not appreciated by Swangz management.

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