Babe Murdered, Body Stuffed In Suitcase

Woman Murdered, Body Stuffed In Suitcase

Kyengera: Residents of Kyengera township in  Kampala woke up to grief and shock after landing on a body of a young woman  that had been chopped into pieces  and stuffed into a suitcase by unidentified people.

The yet to be identified babe who is in her early twenties was not known locals in Kyengera, who recovered her body dumped by the roadside.

The locals had first ignored  the suitcase that was lying by the roadside but they became suspicious  after seeing a finger poking out of the suitcase through the zip line.

On seeing the finger, the locals alerted the police in Kyengera, who quickly went to the scene and opened the suitcase, in  which they found the mutilated babe’s  body.

Robert Kizito, the are LC I chairperson  said that he doesn’t  know  the deceased as one of his residents and  suspects that the body could have been dumped in the area by other people.

Patrick Kidega, the Kyengera police OC said that the body was taken by the police to Mulago  Hospital Mortuary as investigations continue, but urged anyone who has a  missing female relative to go to   the mortuary and check the body so as to help police  identify the deceased.

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