Pastor Namutebi’s Dark Secrets Leak

Pastor Namutebi’s Dark Secrets Leak


By Our Reporter

There are several prominent pastors in Uganda who appear very flamboyant, pious and holy in the public, yet they have a lot of dark secrets in their past lives.


One of them is Pastor Imelda Namutebi of Liberty Worship Centre in Lugala, whose allegedly shady past was recently exposed by one of her former confidants identified as Grace Kashemire.

Kashemeire is a Born Again Christian who at one time worked for pastor Namutebi at her church in Lugala, where they both allegedly performed several rituals to attract believers.


Namutebi The Maid

Kashemire reveals that “Before becoming a pastor, Namutebi was a maid at Pastor Robert Kayanja’s home. After doing the house chores, she would go his then struggling church in Rubaga, where she cleaned and also watched him preach.

She learnt the art of conducting prayer services from Kayanja, whom she served as a maid and church cleaner cum usher for a long time.” She adds that “Later after working for Kayanja for several years, Namutebi broke away from Miracle Center church and together with Pastor Grace Kitaka and Isaac Kiwewesi they started up Kansanga Miracle Centre, which she left to start up Liberty Worship centre in Lugala in the 1980s.”


Humble Background

She was born in Butambala in a devout Muslim family. However, as a young girl growing up, she was allegedly often attacked by evil spirits which prevented her from going to school. She dropped out of school before P.7, a thing that exposed her to a lot of stigma, misery and destitution.

On reaching Kampala, she first lived in Kibuli in a ramshackle house. One day, she was lured by friends to attend a prayer service at Pastor Balabyekubo’s Church in Kibuye. She became addicted to going there for lunch hour fellowships.

It was while at late Balabyekubo’s church that Namutebi got in touch with then upcoming Pastor  Robert Kayanja whom she later joined at his Miracle Center Church.

At Kayanja’s church, Namutebi was first denied chance to be an usher, but was made a cleaner. She later joined a group of volunteers who engaged in door to door evangelism missions under Kayanja’s church. Ps Isaac Kyobe Kiwewesi was part of this group and not many were surprised when the two later teamed up and started Kansanga Miracle Center (KMC).

What became KMC had started in 1992/93 as a fellowship group at Kayanja’s Church. Five years later (in 1998), Namutebi, for unknown reasons, left Kiwewesi to begin her own Liberty ministries with Kitaka.

She later got money with which she bought the 17 acres of prime land in Lugala (Rubaga Division) where her larger than life Cathedral is now located. Insiders told us that Namutebi monthly spends Shs16m to rent to top floor of the building in Kampala where her lunch hour fellowships and evening glory sessions are held.  She currently lives in a swanky mansion in Lubowa, along Entebbe road.

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