Gov’t To Inject Shs15bn in Youth Programmes

Gov’t To Inject Shs15bn in Youth Programmes

Parliamentary committee on Budget has asked government to inject Shs15bn in youth Programmes to fight unemployment which is increasing at a terrific rate.

“The Committee recommends that government should prioritise programmes that have a direct impact on youth employment. A review of the national curriculum that emphasises practical skills should be urgently undertaken to ensure self employment and job creation,” said Hon. Amos Lugoloobi, the committee Chairperson.

National Household and Population Census, 2014 put youth unemployment at 67.5%, much higher than 21.3%, the figure given in the Budget Framework Paper.

The Committee recommended that Shs15billion be availed for more bursaries to students aspiring for vocational and technical education.

The committee also recommended that government immediately reviews tax exemptions, widens the tax base, and persistently improves tax administration in order to ensure growth in domestic revenue collections over the medium term.


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