Gospel Icons’ Marriage Lasts For 24 Hours

Gospel Icons’ Marriage Lasts For 24 Hours

By Moses Batte 

This week, gospel songbird Eunice Njeri shocked many when she took to her Facebook and Instagram accounts to talk about her marriage to fellow gospel musician Izzo (Isaac Bukasa), that was annulled less than 24 hours after she walked down the aisle.

“Isaac and I did go to the altar to get married. But at the end of that day, I realised one thing, I couldn’t do it, my heart was somewhere else. Probably in Africa doing what I do best; I’m still trying to figure that out. I immediately left for Kenya and have been serving God the best way I know how. To all who supported Isaac and I’m grateful.” Njeri posted.

Eunice Njeri’s 24-hour marriage annulment beat Britney Spears’ 55-hour marriage.

However, according to close friends, the relationship between the two was more likely to end the way it did because they had concealed it to the public.

“We did not even know they were dating when we heard they were engaged. We learnt about it vaguely, like everybody else.”

Whatever the reason that led to the failure of the wedding, Njeri has come under attack from many fans who believe she “sinned”. However, going through her social media pages, many others are comforting her and daring those “without sin to cast the first stone.”

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