Burundian Refugees Vow not to Return Home

Burundian Refugees Vow not to Return Home

Burundians who fled their country to Uganda in 2016 due to unrest that was in Burundi have vowed not to return home saying the country is not yet safe.

On Thursday, the refugees that are camping in Nakivale in Insingiro district staged a simple demonstration after receiving reports that their government wants them return home.

However, Burundi’s home affairs’ minister, Pascal Barandagiye, and the country’s ambassador to Uganda, Jean Bosco Barege managed to talk to them and convince them that the country is now settled.

“We are not forcing any one to go back home, but we are telling them that the situation in Burundi is now stable,” Barege said.

He added that whoever is ready to return home, the government of Burundi is ready to welcome him or her.

The unrest broke out in April 2016 when Burundians opposed to a third term for President Pierre Nkurunziza took to the streets to protest.

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