Be Aware of Cancellation of Fake Degrees – Dumba

Be Aware of Cancellation of Fake Degrees – Dumba

The Makerere University vice chancellor, John Dumba Ssentamu has warned grandaunts at Makerere university against falsification of academic documents as the university is set to recall all those degrees that have been forged.

Addressing the congregation during the 67th graduation ceremony at the university, Dumba said that the university has so recalled the graduation of 58 students and if whoever is found for altering marks among the ones who have graduated today, they certificates will be recalled.

He says that the university has the authority to guard its integrity so the university is ready to recall all the fake degrees.

“This is not the final step, if it is found out that some of you falsified your results, the university still has powers to cancel your Degree even when your transcript has issued,” Dumba threatened.

He also emphasized that much as not all graduands are putting on the customized graduation gowns, the next graduation in 2018 will be a must as the way to brand the university.

Over 14,895 students will walk away with diplomas, degrees and master in the graduation ceremony which goes till Friday.

Students from college of agriculture and environmental sciences, College of engineering, design; art and technology, College of natural sciences and college of education and external studies have opened up the graduation ceremony today.

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