Sexy Irene Ntale’s Manager Joins Music Bandwagon

Sexy Irene Ntale’s Manager Joins Music Bandwagon

For over three years now, Irene Ntale has been under direct supervision of her gorgeous manager Veronica better known as Vero among her pals.

Latest information we have from the corridors of Swangz Avenue is that Veronica too has ventured into active music, this time as a singer.

Under the stage name ‘Vinka’, we’re informed by impeccable sources that Veronica will likely be doing RnB and Zouk music, just like her camp mates Irene and Winnie Nwagi.

On why she could have taken such a step, our sources speculated that Vero has always had a talent in music though she wasn’t ready yet to come out of the shell.

Noteworthy, our moles revealed that she could already be having potential hit songs just waiting for the right time to unveil.

Our tipsters have already been dispatched to dig deeper into her life for possible secrets as she makes her way to stardom.


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