Mirundi Cries on Radio

Mirundi Cries on Radio

Media activist Tamale Mirundi has just broken down and publicly wailed during a radio talk show.

Speaking on Top Radio’s Okwatibwako program this evening, Mirundi cried mourning Justice Steven Kavuma’s ruling prohibiting discussion on the Presidential Handshake which saw 42 government officials share Shs6bn.

Mirundi’s weekly program runs between 6-8pm on Top Radio and Kavuma’s ruling came in when Mirundi was already discussing the Shs6bn calling for Mob justice against the 42 officials.

Mirundi also castigated the 42 officials for blackmailing the President yet it’s them who ate the money.

He also urged Justice Kavuma to mind his legacy saying such retrogressive decisions were not good for a retiring Judge.

Saying its unfortunate Baganda were being used to hand down the most bogus decisions or judgments, Mirundi wondered why the likes of Chief Justice Bart Katureebe are never used to issue such anti-people injunctions.

He urged Parliament to ignore Kavuma and go ahead with the debate “and we see how Justice Kavuma can detain the whole Parliament for contempt of court.”

A tough-talking Mirundi then wept saying: “God forgive us as Baganda because we have always betrayed this country and dear God I beg you not to bring Kavuma’s curse to our children in future.”

As the moderator Dunstan Busulwa pleaded “media consultant please don’t cry take it easy,” a tearful Mirundi picked his papers and left the studios and the show ended prematurely.

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