Kyabazinga’s Appointment As Ambassador To Be challenged in Court

Kyabazinga’s  Appointment As Ambassador To Be challenged in Court

By Rebeccah Wasen

City lawyer Asuman Baribwa has threatened to challenge the appointment of the Busoga King, William Wilberforce Gabula as an ambassador Special Duties in the office of the president.

“By electing a cultural leader to a role as an ambassador, the President is abusing the constitutional law. Some of us have decided to go to court not that we don’t love our Kyabazinga. I’m a loyal subject and proud Musoga.” Basalirwa said.

“If Basoga can’t maintain the king, let’s call meeting and dissolve the kingdom rather than see our king work under political pressure,” he added.

Basalirwa said he was going to court today but he was informed that consultations in Busoga are going on and they will take five days to determine the kingdom’s position on this appointment.

He however noted that it’s the Kyabazinga’s appointment is not a demeaning one, but he has a lot of things to do in Busoga.

Meanwhile, former presidential candidate who also comes from Busoga, Maureen Kyala Waluube also threatened to drag the King to court if he doesn’t turn down the appointment.

Kyala says that Kyabanzinga is a job and Gabula has a five year contract with the people of Busoga.

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