Kidney, Liver of Besigye Aide Rot

Kidney, Liver of Besigye Aide Rot

By John V Sserwaniko

Doreen Nyanjura, a leading assistant to Col Kizza Besigye, is grievously ill and  has been confined home for the past few days.

Nyanjura (aka FDC Preacher) is also KCCA Lord Councilor representing Makerere University.

Yesterday she confirmed what has been a rumor for some days by disclosing to us that she was recently diagnosed with life-threatening liver and kidney conditions.

“It’s true I was a few days ago diagnosed with very life-threatening complications on my liver and kidney.

The liver was found to have developed a mass which is 45 millimeters thick. I have so far done two scans and they have revealed the same thing.

The second one revealed that whereas my liver was in bad shape, my kidney is even worse and some doctors are saying I’m going to die anytime,” Nyanjura said on phone in an almost resigned voice.

She explained that trouble started on December 23rd.

“I was seated in a salon in Wandegeya as I prepared to travel to the village. Then all of a sudden I felt uneasy.

I was feeling a lot of pain and had breathing difficulties. I went to a clinic in Wandegeya and the doctor said I can’t attend to you without carrying out some investigations because your condition is dire.

“I insisted that he gives me any pain killers to relieve this pain in my rib area. The doctor agreed and I got the drugs and went home.

“As soon  the drugs were done, the pain came back and this time it was more severe. I went for CT scans which confirmed the doctor’s fears,” said Nyanjura.

Her usual cheerfulness was remarkably absent.

“Right now I’m on some medication and more tests have been ordered but I remain very weak and can’t stand for two minutes. I must be seated down all the time otherwise I will fall down if I try to stand up without being supported.” She downplayed wild claims by her diehard defiance supporters on the Makerere defiance social media platforms that she was poisoned.

“I’m a leader Jonnie and I can’t just make conclusions. Let’s wait for more investigation results so that we speak authoritatively on what exactly caused this condition,” she said.

Strictly ruling out any foul play until reasonable evidence emerges pointing to that, Nyanjura explained how the whole thing started.

“I was brutally arrested on October 30th at Doctor’s [Besigye] home in Kasangati as I commanded by colleagues uniting under ‘Women in Command.’ KB [Besigye] had just returned from abroad and we vowed to guard his home as FDC women to ensure the police don’t return to put him under house arrest.

“We were successful for one day. The following day the aliens [this is how she contemptuously always refers to police] deployed and as commander, I had to be arrested because we wouldn’t allow them to detain doctor without a fight.

They brutally carried me away as soon as journalists left. It was late in the evening. They took me to Kasangati police station where I was beaten badly but two ladies as a bulky male police officer stood on my belly.

It was real torture and they said ‘we shall beat you until you denounce your claim that Besigye is the people’s president.’ My youths at Makerere mounted a social media campaign and they relocated me to Kawempe police station where the torture continued behind those thick walls.

They released me at 9.30pm after a crowd of campusers raided the station. The officer on duty tore the statement I had made because I insisted it must include my revelation that I was tortured.

Since that day I haven’t been well to be frank with you but I thought it was the usual thing and I would be okay.

First was a sight problem which I was treated for and ordered to wear spects. This was followed by severe headache which has now graduated into these complications of the liver and kidney.

But more medical investigations will reveal the actual cause as I go for more tests,” said Nyanjura also called the iron lady. As Makerere Councilor, she has led many student demonstrations against police and government.

The foiled demo by defiance activists aimed at forcing Makerere’s re-opening was perhaps her last major widely publicized demonstration.

Nyanjura, who is also FDC NEC member, is always with Ingrid Turinawe whom she fondly calls “Commander land forces.” The two are like-minded and Ingrid is politically her role model and mentor.

A number of FDC top bosses have over the years succumbed to liver complications including Vincent Kimera, Sam Njuba and Suleiman Kiggundu.

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