Government to Increase Prisoners’ Wage

Government to Increase Prisoners’ Wage

The Uganda prison service is planning to raise the wage for prisoners from Shs500 to 1400 per day.

Currently all prisoners are entitled to a payment of UGX500 for skilled labor, UGX250 for semi-skilled labor and UGX100 for unskilled labor per a day.

According to the Commissioner General for Uganda prison services, Johnson Byabashaija, a new wage payment scheme which will see the payment of skilled prisoners who offer ‘private labour’ to individuals and companies increased from UGX500 to UGX1400per day in the next financial year.

He said this on Tuesday while appearing before parliamentary committee on defense and internal affairs.

The proposed amendments are yet to be approved by Parliament.

If approved, skilled prisoners will earn UGX1, 400, semi-skilled prisoners UGX700 while unskilled-prisoners will earn UGX300 a day.

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