DP Bosses Fight Over EALA Job As Kagingo Joins Race

DP Bosses Fight Over EALA Job As Kagingo Joins Race


The Democratic Party is involved into an internal rift over the slot of East African Legislative Assembly; Red Pepper exclusively reports.

The point of departure is on whether to declare incumbent Denis Mukasa Mbidde a sole candidate for DP to go to EALA or to open up the process. It has emerged that Mbidde who is DP’s vice president purportedly secured a nod from the party’s NEC which sat at Pope Paul memorial center on Decemberi0/20I6.

The meeting according to our moles was presided over DP vice chairman Dr. Bbosa who was delegated by party chairman Mohammad BaswaleKezaala.

However, sources stated that whereas the agenda of the meeting had other items, the issue of EALA was allegedly hastily smuggled in. In the end, Mbidde was purportedly declared DP sole candidate for EALA.

“They unanimously agreed to front Mbidde again for EALA as DP candidate” sources stated. However, the purported decision has rubbed Kezaala the wrong way. He has since rubbished the claims saying if Mbidde wants to return, he should submit his request to the party’s secretary general’s office like any other DP member.

“That is not DP’s method of work. Where a certain organ of the party like NRM caucus sits in Kyankwanzi and declare someone a sole candidate? That is not DP. DP constitution says all elective positions must be subjected to primaries. NEC cannot decide on such a big issue. DP is not a party for NEC but a party for millions of Ugandans” sources quoted him as saying.

In fact, Kezaala adds that the purported resolution to front Mbidde by NEC is simply street talk.

“If it was passed, that was wrong. There is no way that issue could have been smuggled onto the agenda. EALA is a big issue which should be a standalone matter on the agenda. Therefore, all DP members interested in EALA should apply to the SG. We are going to conduct primaries. DP stands for truth and justice” he adds.

Shockingly, Mbidde’s hitherto arch rival for this slot was the SG MatiaNsubuga who passed on a week ago. We were told that the demise of Nsubuga has therefore brought a new dimension in DP with those who are holding no big posts in the party suggesting that Mbidde should back off since he is a vice president. We were however, told that Mbidde enjoys the backing of party president Norbert Mao, though sources suggest that former Buikwe south MP LulumeBayiga is secretly laying a political ambush against Mbidde.


In case he returns to the race, Mbidde is going to face other candidates for EALA. There are nine slots yet NRM wants six of them and independents also want one. This therefore means that Mbidde will have to fight with UPC and FDC so as to secure his seat. In the last elections, UPC and DP made an alliance with NRM and locked FDC out of the slots especially after this Najjanankumbi-based party decided to boycott the elections demanding that NRM should take three seats. Hereunder are some of the contestants for EALA.


She is the former woman MP for Kaberamaido district. She is vocal yet regarded as a constructive opposionist. This therefore explains why government through John Nasasira [then works minister] was able to tarmac several roads in Kaberamaido and also took power there unlike other opposition constituencies. She is FDC and was one of the strong backers for MugishaMuntu. The dark-skinned Kuman lady is social thanks to her multi-lingual character. This therefore means she can interact with many groups of MPs [voters]across the country. She has support having served as a parliamentary commissioner and also as a shadow minister. Her main campaign slogan is on preserving environment, the reason she has been vocal against the increasingly depleted wetlands in Uganda.


Sarah Kagingo


The social media guru is currently working with Operation Wealth Creation as a communications director. She also owns a private company called Soft Power Communications LLC. She is social, talented and a smooth operator/mobiliser. She mixes well with both political sides [NRM and opposition]. On top of that, Kagingo cuts across both generations because of her various tasks she has handled at different generational levels. She is regarded among those who can best articulate regional issues and rides more on value addition and trade.


He is former MP for Kakuuto who retired honorably. He wants to represent Uganda on NRM ticket. Kasamba is currently working with OWC as a director. He recently slumbered and missed out on his golden opportunity of becoming the managing director of Coffee Development Authority. However, we are told that Museveni wants to compensate him with an EALA slot. Kasamba enjoys support among all members and majority of them refer to him as ‘Mr. Seedlings’ because he has been giving out seeds to several members since 9th parliament.


Michael Mabikke


He is currently the president of Social Democratic Party [SDP] and also the former spokesperson of the Go-Forward movement led by former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi. He is a former MP for Makindye east. He is currently leading the assault on having the rules of procedure for electing EALA members be amended as per the ruling made by the EA court of justice in 20I3. He recently petitioned hon. Rebecca Kadaga over the issue. He is opposition but also not hostile to NRM, a matter that might give him chance to sail through.


If being an MP was a qualification, Dombo would be carrying a PhD. Since his completion of university, he has never been employed anywhere apart from being an MP. Actually, he is next to Sam KahambaKutesa and Rebecca Kadaga as far as being long serving MPs is concerned. However, whereas his other two colleagues made it in 20I6, he lost out for Bunyole east MP seat. He now wants to try EALA. He is a former parliamentary commissioner and enjoys support especially among old timers in parliament.

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