CAA Wants Court To Dismiss Besigye Case Against It

CAA Wants Court To Dismiss Besigye Case Against It

The Civil Aviation Authority has asked High court in Kampala to dismiss with costs a case filed by former FDC presidential candidate Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye in which he accuses of infringing his rights.

The Aviation authority says it was not aware that he had been grabbed off the plane by police and therefore shouldn’t be held responsible.

Dr. Besigye filed a case in December accusing CAA of violating his rights to free movement and association with his family members and friends. Besigye was whisked away to his home as soon as he landed at Entebbe international airport in October while returning from long visit abroad.

Besigye claimed he was never given a chance to go through immigration procedures before being driven through remote routes to his home in Kasangati despite his waiting family, friends and supporters.

However, CAA claims it only learnt from the press that Besigye had been grabbed from the last step of the staircase of a plane and driven to an unknown destination.

CAA further denies that its employees can grab a passenger off the plane but contends that there are several security operatives at the Airport who put on reflector jackets labelled as CAA and those could have been the ones who grabbed Besigye.

Therefore CAA contends that Besigye could have sued the Attorney General who is responsible for the acts of the national security operatives.

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