Winnie Byanyima Quashes World Bank Job Rumour

Winnie Byanyima Quashes World Bank Job Rumour

The executive director of Oxfam International Winnie Byanyima has refuted claims that she was endorsed for the presidency of World Bank.

Red pepper on December 7 revealed that President Museveni had endorsed her for World Bank’s top job a claim that she pretended to be ignorant about.

According to Byanyima, those claims are just concocted with the aim of drawing away people’s attention from Kasese issues.

“Someone is trying to take attention away from Kasese. World Bank president is Jim Kim. There is no election there. Absurd!,”  She tweeted.

However, this did not convince many as they wait for what might come out in the near future.

It’s worth noting that its President Museveni that endorsed Winnie for the Oxfam international’s top job and it was first made confidential until it was officially revealed.

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