Wedding Bells for Gorgeous Bridgette

Wedding Bells for Gorgeous Bridgette

Gorgeous Brigette Shane Kamahoro, younger sister to Barbara Itungo Kyagulanyi wife to singer Bobi Wine, has been hit by wedding fever.

The insanely gorgeous babe is reported to be super excited after her boyfriend/fiancé Daniel Draminga finally decided to walk her down the aisle.

Daniel is a Ugandan in the US army based in Texas who jets in occasionally to spend quality time with his fiancée.

According to sources close to the couple, Daniel and Brigette are set to wed early next year though no specific date has been disclosed yet.

However, we are informed that the pair is busy preparing for what they have described as the biggest day of their lives as they want it to be memorable.

Brigette has been going around telling whoever cares to listen that she is over the moon about getting married to Daniel, who she says is the one her heart beats for.

“She is overjoyed as getting married to the man she loves has always been her dream. She can’t wait to say I Do and get evacuated from single life” intimates a close pal who preferred anonymity.

Upon learning of the news, Brigette’s elder sister Barbie rushed to share the good news and congratulate her.

Barbie was however torn between smiling or crying. “And the littlest of my sisters is being taken! JUST LIKE THAT; I don’t know whether I should smile or cry” Barbie posted on her Instagram.

The curvaceous Brigette and Daniel met early 2014 and started dating that same year in November when she was still a student at Makerere University Business School (MUBS).

After dating for two years, Daniel felt she was the one and proposed to Brigette in January 2016 while on one of Bobi Wine’s luxury boats on Busabala Beach.

Clad in a black vest and red shorts, Daniel bent down on one knee and asked Brigette to marry him to which she said yes much as she could not believe it.

After the proposal, Bridgette’s big sister Barbie went on to describe the event as the boat cruise of the year and that Dan could be his favorite brother in law.

A smitten Brigette introduced Dan to her family in Ntugamo last year where he was given the green light to feast on her bearded meat without fear or favour. Brigette looks up to her big sister Barbie so much that she wants to have a happy marriage like hers.

However, like all relationships, Brigette and Daniel have not had it all smooth. Sometime this year, the couple’s romance was reported to have hit rock bottom after it emerged that Brigette was worryingly close to a married man, a businessman who doubles as Member of Parliament for a constituency in Western Uganda in his early 40s.

Brigette was said to have used the opportunity of Daniel being away in USA to get close to this man.

What made it worse is the fact that Brigette was fighting with another babe for his man’s whooper among other things.

The babe in question is an equally gorgeous Rachael Kabahunde who was Brigette’s BFF with whom she shared a hostel room at Valley Courts hostel at MUBS.

Rachael was so bitter with Brigette and accused her of attempting to steal her man considering it was the former who met and got close the married man first.

In fact, by the time they graduated from MUBS, the two babes were sworn enemies who don’t see eye to eye. However, Daniel and Brigette seemed to have moved past that obstacle and are now set to walk down the aisle.

Brigette is one of the most lusted after babes that’s to her angelic beauty and killer figure that melts any normal functioning male being.

She left a trail of broken hearts including MPS, lectures at MUBS, engineers, tycoons and fellow classmates while at campus.

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